• The UreTron has undergone over a year of testing by industry veterans at leading lithotripsy institutions. See the AUA whitepaper.
  • The UreTron features a wide range of flexible, semi-flexible, and rigid probes types for all case types.

The UreTron Difference

UreTron has none of the traditional downsides of ultra-sonic systems. This eliminates the need for a multi-device deployment approach during a lithotripsy procedure.

Master Case Videos

Med-Sonics PCNL UreTron Rigid Probe Case Video
Med-Sonics Pediatric UreTron Case Video
Med-Sonics URS UreTron Case Video
Med-Sonics MicroPerc UreTron Case Video

More Power
The unique design of the UreTron system focuses more sonic energy to the probe. A unique micro-controller based algorithm combined with an advanced physical component design allows for this unique transmission capability to be used with flexible, semi-flexible and rigid probes.
Cost Effectiveness
The UreTron's design focuses on capability without complexity. This design philosophy translates into a much lower ongoing operating cost, especially when you factor in the consumables that are involved with other traditional approaches.
Ease of Use
UreTron is designed for a "plug and play" experience. Operation of the device is simple and straightforward. Simply engage the device, allow it to self calibrate in seconds and begin your procedure. Less complexity with your equipment allows you to focus more on your cases. The additional power and flexibility of this device also means a great chance of not having to switch devices. All of this saves time, and increases the chance of a shorter patient recovery.


  • Uretron receives U.S. FDA Approval for the Uretron Ultrasonic Lithotripsy system.
  • Med-Sonics embarks on next generation product development to revolutionize the use of ultrasonic technologies and techniques for cardiovascular applications.


Meet The Inventors

The co-founders of Med-Sonics have dedicated their lives to advanced medical device development. Shu Du and Tao Song were principle engineers designing traditional/legacy ultra-sonic devices as well as working on projects such as the Mars Rover ultra-sonic drill before deciding to embark on a journey to create the world's most flexible and powerful ultra-sonic lithotripter.

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